Conference Logistics


Sunday: Conference events on Sunday will take place at the McCord Museum:
McCord Museum
690 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC
H3A 1E9

Monday and Tuesday morning and afternoon: Conference events on Monday will take place at Concordia University, exact building location forthcoming.

Monday early evening roundtable: The roundtable will take place at McGill University, exact building location forthcoming.


Accommodations are available at the hotel Chateau Versailles for $139 a night. Guests will individually book their own rooms by contacting the reservation department either by phone at: +1 888-933-8111 or by email: and by mentioning the following group code: CUE13S (Map)

For more affordable accommodations, Concordia’s Grey Nuns (map) dorms are open to the public at the time of the conference. Please view these accommodations here:


Technology will be available for your presentation. We ask that you bring your laptop and a memory key with your presentation in case of technical difficulties.