Print Copies of the Canadian Jewish Studies Journal

I am writing to update you on some exciting changes we’re making to our scholarly journal Canadian Jewish Studies / Études juives canadiennes. The editorial team has been hard at work transitioning the journal from an annual to a biannual online publication, improving the journal’s webpage, and extending its visibility by making it more findable on several additional high-traffic academic search engines. As voted upon at our AGM last spring, to accomplish this most effectively and to best manage the journal’s limited budget, we will move to a default-online model for journal dissemination. Each calendar year will see the publication of one Archives Matter sub-section, and one Translation sub-section. Articles and Book Reviews will continue to appear in every volume.

Print copies, which will contain two-issues in one binding at the end of every calendar year, will be available for purchase by institutions and readers wishing to have hard copies. ACJS members who wish to order the bound volume will be able to do so for $28, (i.e. $14 for each issue in a given calendar year), at the time they renew their annual membership. 

If you wish to order a print copy of Canadian Jewish Studies / Études juives canadiennes (containing two-issues in one binding), please visit the Journal page on the ACJS website here.