The Robert L. Kemeny Award

This year, a generous donation in memory of Robert L. Kemeny will provide scholarships to all of our full-time student presenters at the ACJS Conference in Vancouver.

Robert L. Kemeny was born in Hungary just before the Second World War and survived the Holocaust in hiding. In 1956, he escaped from the Hungarian Revolution, relocating to London, England and studying mining engineering with the help of a scholarship. After graduating, he went to work in the mines of Chile, remaining in South America for 10 years before his curiosity sent him even further abroad. He moved with his young family to Vancouver, Canada in 1974 where he lived out the balance of his life with a passion for books, art, Judaism, and his family.

He would be delighted to know how a small contribution will help some students learn more about the Jewish experience in his adopted Canadian home.  

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