YIVO Institude eliminates entire library staff

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research has just eliminated its entire library staff, citing financial constraints. This article in the Forward by Aiden Pink provides more information:  https://forward.com/news/national/438538/yivo-yiddish-library/ 

Concerned parties are asked to read and sign a letter to the YIVO Board calling for “the immediate reinstatement of the library staff, and for more financial transparency, and accountability, to the scholarly community that carries on this work”.

Here is a link to the letter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1It_zJlvk2yoGCqRi7UBR8Rei_IEv6Q5X4qWAWL039Mo/edit?fbclid=IwAR2J59SWBAMnQFjrJi4k3lxJcLQNvzy-mnlCqig49pWmCGvSE6nuJuG_6nE

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