Louis Rosenberg Canadian Jewish Studies Distinguished Service Award

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Inaugural Meeting of the Jewish Historical Society, Montreal, 1964

Inaugural Meeting of the Jewish Historical Society,  Montreal, 1964. Louis Rosenberg at the podium. Photo credit: Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives

About the Louis Rosenberg Canadian Jewish Studies Distinguished Service Award

The ACJS established this award in 2001 to recognize the significant contribution by an individual, institution or group to Canadian Jewish Studies.In tribute to the scholarship of Louis Rosenberg, as of 2008 the award was named the “Louis Rosenberg Canadian Jewish Studies Distinguished Service Award.” Louis Rosenberg was a pioneer in the social scientific study of Canada’s Jews. Born in Poland in 1893, he moved with his family to England and studied at Leeds University (B.A., 1914). In 1915 he moved to Canada and, served as the director of settlement of the Jewish Colonization Association between 1919 and 1940. While in Saskatchewan he became active in the CCF and published, under the pseudonym Watt Hugh McCollum, a study of the concentration of wealth in Canada entitled Who Owns Canada? (1935, 1947). In 1939, he published his magnum opus on Canadian Jewry, Canada’s Jews (reprinted, 1993). Using the census data in a comprehensive and profound fashion, Rosenberg had few peers in the area of the study of Canadian demography. In 1945, Rosenberg was appointed to serve as “National Research Director” (and only employee) of the Bureau of Social and Economic Research at Canadian Jewish Congress, and he moved to Montreal. He produced a steady stream of social studies of Canada’s Jews, continuing to use the Canadian census material, but also conducting his own surveys. He wrote the several works of Jewish history, occasionally transcribing long primary sources in the process. His archives are located in both Ottawa (LAC) and Montreal (CJCCC). He died in 1987.

CJS Louis Rosenberg Distinguished Service Award 2017: Ruth Panofsky

The Association for Canadian Jewish Studies (ACJS) is very pleased to announce Ruth Panofsky as the 2017 recipient of the Louis Rosenberg Canadian Jewish Studies Distinguished Service Award.

Professor Panofsky is a first-rate scholar who has worked tirelessly over the course of many years, publishing distinguished and consistently solid scholarly work that puts her in the top rank of Canadian literary and Canadian Jewish scholars by general consensus among colleagues in both fields here in Canada and abroad.

Over the past twenty-five years, Ruth Panofsky has edited or written a number of excellent works that have entered simultaneously into the canons of both Canadian literary and Canadian Jewish scholarship. Of special consideration are her pioneering and exceptional books focused on the career and literary achievements of our foremost Canadian Jewish woman writer, Adele Wiseman. Ruth Panofsky produced the indispensable Annotated Bibliography of Wiseman’s work that helped open up the field of research in Wiseman’s literary oeuvre. She co-edited the remarkable correspondence between Margaret Laurence and Adele Wiseman over the decades of their lifelong friendship and association. She wrote a stunning critical work, The Force of Vocation: The Literary Career of Adele Wiseman, which drew insightful attention to the novelist’s classic oeuvre. Ruth Panofsky then topped these scholarly triumphs with a book of excellent studies, At Odds in the World: Essays on Jewish Canadian Women Writers, which singles her out as the pre-eminent national and international authority in this field. In 2014, she published the comprehensive two-volume critical edition of Miriam Waddington’s Collected Poems, a feat of exhaustive and meticulous scholarship, which has received a number of key literary awards. Most recently, she is the editor of The New Spice Box: Canadian Jewish Writing, a two-volume anthology that brings together an eclectic mix of poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction.

Ruth Panofsky has also taken over the mantle of the editorship of Parchment, the longstanding Jewish Canadian literary annual, serving in this position since 2010. In this role, she continues to perform an invaluable service to all the Canadian Jewish authors showcased in this ongoing journal anthology. She has also edited special issues of Studies in American Jewish Literature, Canadian Jewish Studies/Etudes juives canadiennes, and Room of One’s Own, each devoted to the subject of Canadian Jewish writing.

During the course of her career, Ruth Panofsky has received numerous awards, honours, and grants that reflect her excellence and commitment to Canadian Jewish Studies. She has been the recipient of major funding grants from SSHRC, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Bibliographical Society of Canada, the Bibliographical Society of America, and she has also been awarded a Canadian Jewish Book Award for her second book of poetry, Laike and Nahum: A Poem in Two Voices.

Because of her significant work in the advancement of Canadian Jewish Studies as both a literary and academic figure, the ACJS is delighted to present the 2017 Louis Rosenberg Canadian Jewish Studies Distinguished Service Award to Ruth Panofsky. Our sincerest congratulations go to her for her receipt of this meritorious award.

L’Association d’études juives canadiennes (AÉJC) est très heureuse d’annoncer que Ruth Panofsky sera récipiendaire du prix d’excellence Louis Rosenberg en études juives canadiennes pour l’année 2017.

Professeure Panofsky est une chercheuse de premier ordre qui a travaillé sans relâche au cours de nombreuses années, en publiant un travail scientifique éminent qui la place au premier rang des chercheurs dans le champ de la littérature canadienne et la littérature juive, et ce par consensus général parmi ses pairs dans les deux domaines ici et à l’étranger.

Au cours des vingt-cinq dernières années, Ruth Panofsky a édité ou écrit nombre d’excellents ouvrages qui sont entrés immédiatement dans les canons de la littérature canadienne et de la littérature juive canadienne. Citons notamment ses livres pionniers et exceptionnels axés sur la carrière et les réalisations littéraires de notre première écrivaine juive canadienne, Adele Wiseman. Ruth Panofsky a produit l’indispensable bibliographie annotée du travail de Wiseman qui a contribué à défricher le champ de recherche portant sur l’œuvre littéraire de Wiseman. Elle co-édite la remarquable correspondance entre Margaret Laurence et Adele Wiseman, qui s’étend au fil des décennies, de leur amitié et de leur association. Elle a écrit un travail critique étonnant, The Force of Vocation : The Literary Career of Adele Wiseman, qui pose un regard instructif et judicieux sur l’œuvre classique de la romancière. Ruth Panofsky est ensuite allée au-delà de ces triomphes académiques avec un recueil d’excellentes études intitulées At Odds in the World : Essays on Jewish Canadian Women Writers, qui la consacre en tant que principale autorité nationale et internationale dans ce domaine. En 2014, elle a publié l’édition critique complète en deux volumes de Miriam Waddington, Collected Poems, un exploit témoignant d’une approche méthodologique exhaustive et minutieuse qui lui valu la réception d’un certain nombre de prix littéraires important. Plus récemment, elle est l’éditrice de The New Spice Box : Canadian Jewish Writing, une anthologie en deux volumes qui regroupe un mélange éclectique de poésie, de nouvelles et d’essais littéraires.

Ruth Panofsky a également assumé le rôle de rédactrice en chef de Parchment, la publication littéraire juive canadienne établie, depuis 2010. Dans ce rôle, elle continue d’offrir un service inestimable à tous les auteurs juifs canadiens présentés dans cette anthologie. Elle a également édité des numéros spéciaux de Studies in American Jewish Literature, Canadian Jewish Studies/Études juives canadiennes et de Room of One’s Own, consacrés chacun au sujet de la littérature juive canadienne.

Au cours de sa carrière, Ruth Panofsky a reçu de nombreux prix, distinctions et bourses qui reflètent son excellence et son engagement envers les études juives canadiennes. Elle a reçu des subventions importantes du CRSH, du Conseil des Arts du Canada, de la Société bibliographique du Canada et de la Bibliographical Society of America. Elle a également reçu un prix Canadian Jewish Book Award pour son deuxième livre de poésie Laike and Nahum : A Poem in Two Voices.

En raison de son travail important pour l’avancement des études juives canadiennes à la fois comme une figure littéraire et académique, l’AÉJC est ravie de présenter le prix d’excellence Louis Rosenberg en études juives canadiennes pour l’année 2017 à Ruth Panofsky. Nos plus sincères félicitations lui sont dirigées pour la réception de ce prix méritoire.

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About the Marcia Koven Award for Best Student Paper

In  2011 our annual “best student paper” award was named the “Marcia Koven Award.” Marcia Koven was born in 1926 and throughout her life has been devoted to the preservation and transmission of the history of the Canadian Jewish community. She is the founder of the Saint John Jewish Historical Society and the creator of the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum. Koven received the Louis Rosenberg Canadian Jewish Studies Distinguished Service Award in 2011. This award is sponsored by friends and relatives of Marcia Koven. There is a cash prize associated with this award.

Marcia Koven Award 2016:

The Association for Canadian Jewish Studies is pleased to announce Lindsey Jackson as the recipient of the 2016 Marcia Koven Award for Best Student Paper presented at the 2016 ACJS Conference held at the University of Calgary on 30-31 May 2016.  Daniel Simeone also received Honourable Mention.  This award is sponsored by friends and relatives of Marcia Koven.

Winner of the 2016 Marcia Koven Award for Best Student Paper:
Lindsay Jackson (Concordia) “Bloodless Bris: Intactivism and brit shalom in the Montreal Jewish Community”

Honourable Mention:
Daniel Simeone (McGill) “In Prison for Debt: Jewish Debtors in the Montreal District Prison between 1865 and 1900”

Yosef Robinson (Concordia) “‘Rewritten Bibles’ in Modern Canadian Literature”

Past Award Recipients



Antoine Burgard (UQÀM)/Université Lumière Lyon 2), Entre exigences administratives et attentes de la communauté, le Congrès Juif Canadien et l’immigration d’orphelins de la Shoah depuis l’Europe de l’immédiat après-guerre

Rebecca Margolis, PhD (University of Ottawa) and Meghan Cavanagh (University of Ottawa), Canadian Yiddish in the Internet Age

Honourable Mention:

Yosef Robinson (Concordia University),Montreal’s Keneder Odler in the 1920s and 1930s


SJ Kerr-Lapsley, McGill University
“Roots, Routes and Bridges: An Introduction to the Involvement of Holocaust Survivors in Holocaust Education in Vancouver”

Honourable Mention:

Allie Cuperfain, Ryerson University
“The Identities of Toronto: An Analysis of UJA’s Annual Campaign 2012”


Amy Coté, University of Victoria
“Analyzing Stories: (Re-)Reading Anne Michaels’ Fugitive Pieces after the I-Witness Field School”

Honourable Mention:

Maxa Sawyer, York University
“The Voices of Birthright Israel: Going Beyond the Jewish Homeland Narrative to Create a Realistic Relationship between the Jewish Canadian Diaspora and Israel”


Kata Bohus, PhD student, Central European University, Budapest
“Standing together or staying apart? Contradictions of integration among 1956-er Hungarian Jewish refugees in Toronto”

Honourable Mention:

Faith Jones, University of British Columbia
“Grade’s Quarrel in Montreal”


Adara Goldberg, PhD student, Clark University
“Left in the West: Orphaned Holocaust survivors in Western Canada”


Gary Smolyansky, MA student, York University
“Class, identity and ethnicity in Russian-speaking Jewish communities in post-WWII Canada”


Faith Jones, MA student, University of British Columbia
“‘Di ershte un greste Yidishe bukh stor’: Miller’s Books advertising, 1910-1920”


Tanhum Yoreh, York University
“Religious Geographies: A case study of Haredi consumption patterns in Canada and Israel”