Executive & Board of Directors

President: Hernan Tesler-Mabé
Vice-President: Simon-Pierre Lacasse
Treasurer: Megan Hollinger
Secretary: Claire English
Past President: Rebecca Margolis

Executive Committee Chairs
Journal Editors: David Koffman; Simon-Pierre Lacasse
Bulletin Editor: Adara Goldberg
Chair, Communities and Archives: Janice Rosen
Chair, Membership: Megan Hollinger
Chair, Conference: Jesse Toufexis
Chair, Programs: Elizabeth Moorhouse-Stein
Book Review Editor: Amir Lavie 
Chair, Academic Committee: TBD
Chair, Finance: Frank Bialystok
Chair, Nominations: Barry Stiefel
Chair, Graduate Student Liaison: Magdalene Klassen; Claire English
Chair, Communications and Social Media (ad hoc): Dan Fellus

Honorary Officer
Jerry Silver

Board Members for 2020
Isaac Nahon-Serfaty, University of Ottawa (2020-2022)
Randall Schnoor, York (2020-2022)
Adriana Brodsky, LAJSA (2020-2022)
Rebecca Margolis, Monash University (2020-2022)
David Tollerton, University of Exeter (2020-2022)
Stephanie Corazza, Azrieli Foundation (2019-2022)
Elizabeth Moorhouse-Stein (2020-2022)
Natalia Vesselova (2020-2022)

Claire English (2021-2023)
Peter Schulman (2021-2023)